On Saturday 10th June 2017 I will be riding in this event. This is my 2nd season of cycling time trials and last year I completed this course in a time of 0:24:34, which is very good for my first time.


David Golden


I am hoping to best my personal best by knocking off a few seconds, which in time trials is a demanding effort. It has taken me sometime to understand and learn every seconds counts. It could be that 1 second that could make you the fastest or slowest rider.

This particular course, the L1015 is a fast course with very good road surface. However with it being an open area the wind can be very strong especially the head on wind. This course is also on a dual-carriageway with traffic and hopefully at the start time the traffic will be limited to the few vehicles.

I feel confident that I will beat my personal best and this year I will be riding my new time trial  bike.  My start time is 830pm and hopefully at that time there will be no distraction other than  myself the bike and the clock.