My 2nd season of time trials and what a better way to get started than completing a 100 miles event. I entered a 100 mile time trial event in Norfolk on the 20th May 2017 which would be my first. I did not really train for this event other than my normal cycling pattern. My aim was to gain experience and to have some idea what its like to ride a 100 mile time trial. This was my rehearsal for the following week National 100 mile race in Cheshire and the N.T.T.A. 100 miles.

Norfolk WH 100 mile Time Trial

At the start of the race I started off very strong, with a speed of 22mph and kept this speed up for the next 30 miles. As I progressed I found myself slowing down and it became apparent that I had started to fast. I started to feel very uncomfortable on the bike where my undercarriage become sensitive. Further pains developed as I rode aching shoulders, arms and wrists.  At the 90 mile mark my body was in total agony with pain and discomfort. The last 10 mile felt like another 100 mile, I found my pedalling became slower and my speed dropped considerably. At the 5 mile point I felt like stopping and my brain kept saying,  make excuses to stop. My inner mind was stronger, I has only a few miles to the finish line. I reminded myself this was not about a fast time, it was about gaining some knowledge and experience.

There was some good points I learned like how often I needed a drink and some food whilst on the bike. Jaqueline handed me water bottles at 25 miles intervals which certainly was vital to the overall outcome.

I manage to finish the event in a time of: 5:18:24 and I was positioned 46 out of 80 riders. I knew my time was not good but I can say I completed it and learnt some valuable lessons. Which I will take into the following week 100 mile National Event. The Anfield Bicycle Club 100.

The Anfield Bicycle Club 100 Mile Time Trial

On the 29th May 2017 I arrived at the Anfield Bicycle Club 100 mile event and collected my start number.  I started 06:30hrs on a wet drizzle day in Cheshire, I rode at a steady pace slowly increasing my speed to a comfortable cadence. I felt a lot more comfortable on my bike than the previous event. During the ride I felt 100% throughout and I knew I was on a Personal Best, (PBs).  It continued to rain throughout the event making parts of the road slippery, especially at roundabouts. Jaqueline handed me water bottles at 25 mile intervals which was vital. My food on the bike consisted of a few energy gels, an energy bar and a few jelly babies. Before the ride I had some breakfast, approx. 1 hour before the start time a light meal with high carbohydrates.

This 100 mile route was totally different from the Norfolk 100 mile, the road surface was better and the road quality was smoother. The Norfolk was a 3 1/2 laps of open countryside next to the coast line. The wind was a continuous problem where it blew off the sea and occasionally the sun would increase the temperature adding extra stress for the riders.

The Anfield Bicycle Club 100 miles is mainly on dual-carriage ways apart from the last 20 miles of country lanes.

Overall this was a good 100 mile event to do and with a new PB, and a finished time of: 4:57:46, That’s approx. 20 minutes off my personal best. I am looking for to my next 100 mile event.

N.L.T.T.A. 100 Mile Event

This event was located in the North part of the Lake District. This was  3 laps along the A66 between Keswick and Cockermouth which was on a dual-carriageway. On this cold windy morning I arrived at my start time 7am and off I went heading down a slight decline to the turn around roundabout. Slow increasing pace as I went along. A few mile a into the ride I tractor overtook me at a slow speed and for the next few miles I kept close to the rear of the vehicle, until it moved at a faster speed.

At each 25 mile point Jacqueline handed me water bottles as I went pass, which was a huge benefit and as I rode I had my usual supply of food. This kept my energy levels topped up. I was feeling very strong throughout the event and I feel it was due to the steady pace I kept. The last 10 miles I decided to increase the speed as per usual, I always like to finish a race strong even though pain was trying to slow me down.

I have had 5 operation on both knees over the last few years and I realise I have to be carful not to over train and race within my capabilities.  During the 100 mile event I suffered with tremendous pains in both knees and at one point my right knee started sending pains signals through my body. Was I once again going to tear the tendon from the bone. I decided to slipped my gearing into the small front crank to ease the pressure and hopefully finish the event. For me you do not give up no matter what, that’s the attitude we had in the Army. I managed to finished the course with a smile on my face.

I am glad that I decided to use the Norfolk 100 to gain experience and it certainly help me to prepare for further long distance race events.

I finished in a time of: 4:42:12, another PBs smashed, still a long way for me to compete with the fast boys. But its all about progression and gaining experience. I look forward to season 3 2018.

1st, 100 miles at: 5:18:24,

2nd 100 miles at: 4:57:46,

3rd 100 miles at: 4:42:12

That’s roughly 36 minutes off my first 100 miles